The SGA consists of three main bodies.

The SGA Senate

The SGA Senate is an elected body made up of 17 students representing different constituencies. Each reg class elects two class senators. Each Commons elects one Commons senator. All Febs collectively elect two Feb senators. The Student Co-Chair of Community Council and the SGA President are elected by the entire student body. The Senate meets every Sunday at 7 PM in the Crest Room to discuss the concerns of their constituencies and to pass bills and resolutions enacting SGA initiatives or stating the official opinion of the student body.

The SGA Cabinet

The SGA Cabinet is a group students appointed by the SGA President. This group serves as the executive arm of the SGA. Each cabinet member is assigned a issue-specific portfolio and lead a committee of students who are interested in working on those issues. Cabinet members implement bills and resolutions that the Senate passes, spearhead their own initiatives, and meet once a month as a group to discuss progress they have made on various projects. 

The SGA Committees

Led by Cabinet members, SGA Committees cover a range of issue-specific portfolios and help us operate more efficiently and effectively as an organization. SGA Committees can range from 3 or 4 students to more than a dozen. Committees help deliver SGA services like the newspaper program in the dining halls, the soon-to-be installed bike fix-it station, and the distribution of the SGA budget. Committees also communicate with faculty and staff who work in similar issue areas and implement bills and resolutions the Senate passes.